Foam contamination concerns farmers near Ohakea air base in Manawatū

The chemicals have been banned in firefighting since 2006 and have been found in some farms in the area.
Farmers said they were are not being told enough and no testing had been done on properties around the air base or for meat, pasture and soil to their knowledge.
Of the 13 properties chemicals above drinking standards were found and five families drank contaminated water.
When water in tanks was low, some farmers topped up house water with bore water.
A Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) spokesman said farm soils near Ohakea base had been tested by the New Zealand Defence Force.
But no results were known by people farming in the area.
The spokesman said food, including milk and meat, supplied from the area was safe to eat.
"In late 2017 MPI tested milk from dairy farms in the area to check the level of PFAS compounds.
"From these and the water test results we can be confident that the general food supply is safe," said the spokesman.
MPI said stress and compensation was not an MPI issue, and the focus of the government response had been on ensuring the wellbeing of people in the affected areas.

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