Focus: India is facing a water crisis – A long-term plan is needed

The water crisis is in fact the worst we will ever face in the history of India.
Not only will the Swachchh Bharat campaign miss its deadline, many of these toilets are impossible to maintain and clean with the huge water shortage across the country.
The film has a happy ending with the divorce being averted and the CM agreeing to the construction of toilets in the village.
But so many of the toilets constructed are used as storage units.
Moreover, in this story there is no water problem in the village.
We also need storage units for rain and floodwater, which can be used to flush the toilets.
Rainwater can always be used and it’s just a matter of building storage units.
First there is the issue of supply; most of India has not received enough rainfall to restore its groundwater table.
The next issue is that the water is often not clean or reliable and often carries water-related illnesses, according to the data released by the One Drop project.
After spending so much money on building and installing these kiosks, the least the government can do is to make sure that they work!

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