Folks in Petersburgh have run out of bottled water following PFOA contamination

by Carmen Chau, originally posted on May 15, 2016


PETERSBURGH, NY (NEWS10) – Community members in Petersburgh are voicing their frustrations after finding out the water bottles have run out at the Town Hall.

Several people have told News10ABC it’s been nothing but an inconvenience, especially felling like they’re left in the dark with no answers.

News10ABC talked to the Town Supervisor, who didn’t want to be on camera, and he admitted that he thought he ordered enough water but he was wrong.

“Water shouldn’t be running out,” said Emily Marpe who lives in Petersburgh.

It was Saturday at 11a.m. when water ran out at the Town Hall. People were then directed to go to Tops in Hoosick Falls, which many said is a drive that’s out of their way.

“We shouldn’t have to drive. For me, it’s 1.8 miles just to drive to the Town Hall back and forth, said Marpe.

In order to pick up water, people must have tickets that can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office, which is only open at certain hours.

“This town is getting more and more frustrated,” said Marpe.

Water was being distributed five hours a week at the Town Hall. People have been allowed to get one gallon per day.

But instead, people in the small town of Petersburgh find themselves filing their trunks over 20 miles away.

“They are pretty frustrated because some people have been getting water filters and all that in Hoosick Falls and nobody else has been getting them and it’s just very stressful and it’s irritating,” said Renee Wagner, who lives in Cherry Plain.

“There should just be an overabundance. It should be there,” said Marpe.

Emily Marpe said she bought a well for a reason but it’s no longer in use since tests showed it had PFOA levels of 2,100 parts per trillion.

The Town Supervisor told News10ABC actions are being taken. The DEC will be visiting on May 23 to do groundwater work and a design for the filter is already in place.

But the Petersburgh community said that’s not good enough.

“I need to see that this filter is going to work over a long period of time. You can’t just force me to start giving my kids this water,” said Marpe.

The meeting will take place at the Town Hall Monday at 7:30 p.m. and News10ABC will be there to cover it.

The Town Supervisor also told News10ABC he’ll be ordering more water Monday which will arrive Wednesday so people can continue to come to the Town Hall in Petersburgh to get their water.

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