Former Ansonia Copper and Brass site to be auctioned July 19

Former Ansonia Copper and Brass site to be auctioned July 19.
“The auction is a great first step.” The city maintains that Ray McGee, the owner of Ansonia Copper and Brass, owes more than $1.3 million in property taxes and Water Pollution Control Authority fees.
But when contacted, McGee said if he were going to do that, he would already have paid the amount owed.
Access to rail In 2014, the city cut a deal with McGee to forgive as much as $400,000 in owed taxes in return for demolition and remediation.
“There are some interested parties,” said Davies, who estimates he’s conducted about 150 tax actions in the Valley.
He said the auction includes the former administration building at 75 Liberty St. as well as the five standing industrial buildings.
“Residential would probably be the least likely,” Marini said.
The key is for us to help them overcome any obstacles and remove them.” O’Malley has determined it will cost about $3 million to $4 million to demolish and remove the remaining structures.
“We have to determine what the extent of the contamination is, and what the liability will be going forward,” O’Malley said.
Once the six-month limit for McGee’s redemption passes, Marini said, the city could begin working with the developer to secure funding to demolish and remediate the properties.

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