Frigid temps causing frozen, bursting pipes? Here’s what you need to do.

With those temperatures dropping, your pipes may be in danger of freezing.
The biggest thing – don’t do anything dangerous while trying to thaw your pipes.
"Things not to do is use propane torches.. anything that could lead to a fire,” Rhame said.
If outside faucets are dripping or leaking, make the necessary repairs or call a plumber before freezing temperatures arrive.
If your washing machine is in an unheated garage, turn off water supply lines leading to the washer and disconnect the hoses if temperatures have dropped below freezing.
Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets beneath sinks (located along outside walls) to allow heat in the room to circulate around uninsulated pipes.
And if your pipes have already frozen, like George Rhame’s, here are some other tips from Roto-Rooter about what to do next: Shut-off the water main leading into the structure and open faucets indoors.
Examine exposed pipes for leaks.
Even with the water main turned off, there will be enough pressure to reveal leaks once the pipe has thawed.
Even if no leaks are found, a plumber should examine pipes that experienced a hard freeze.

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