From tainted blood to toxic soils and water, patients face dangers

This chilling admission by insiders at the blood transfusion centre comes amid reports that some patients were being dangerously exposed to cancer causing radiation, while most soils and Lake Victoria water are contaminated with toxic chemicals.
ALSO READ: Hyacinth ties Lake Victoria business The latest evidence by staff of the Nairobi Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (NRBTC) published early this month found blood prepared for transfusion contaminated with disease-causing germs.
Last year, the same team reported 18 per cent of tested samples of platelets concentrates had failed to meet required standards.
The blood bank’s head of Communication Kamotho Makara said they have already commissioned a new study to validate the findings indicating contamination of blood at the Nairobi centre.
In the same journal issue, patients and staff at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) were reported to be dangerously exposed to cancer causing radiation.
The study involving 170 clinicians at KNH found almost half of them are likely to send patients for needless radiation diagnosis.
Almost 60 per cent of the doctors were found to refer patients for imaging even where not necessary.
These reports also coincide with the World Health Organisation (WHO) 2018 global data on cancer released in September that showed a disease on the match.
The team had sampled soils at various points between Kiambu and Mombasa and found high contamination with cancer causing chemicals.
Pesticide use in the region, are blamed for a 40 per cent decline of pollinating bees, 18 per cent of butterflies and a 10 per cent wildlife mortalities in the basin.

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