Frothy, smelly waste water pollute rivers around Nilai and Semenyih

originally posted on October 31, 2016


NILAI, Oct 31 — Disgusting and nauseating! These best describe the drains found around factories in Nilai and Semenyih.

The industrial effluent discharged into the drains and channelled directly into nearby rivers are believed to be the source of odour pollution and filthy coloured water in the area.

Among the affected rivers are Sungai Batang Benar, Sungai Pajam, Sungai Semenyih as well as Sungai Beranang, which also flows into Sungai Buah and into the Semenyih Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

A check by Bernama also found that the Sungai Batang Benar river near Kampung Batang Benar was filled with not only rubbish, but also foaming murky liquid.

A security guard at a plastic processing factory, Hamdan Mohamad, 57, said the drain in front of the guardhouse smelled like fish which had been left to rot for a week.

“It stinks … the smell and situation would get worse between midnight and dawn. Perhaps this is the time when the perpetrators would release their factory wastes into the drainage system in the area.

“However, this problem only occurred in recent times,” he said.

Kampung Seri Pajam resident Hussin Yunus, 58, said the river in front his house had been emitting a foul smell lately particularly at night or on rainy days.

“The stench is giving me sleepless nights and I have to cover my nose when I try to get some sleep,” he said.

Hussain also claimed that he had seen people dumping rubbish into the river at night.

“Besides rubbish appearing on the water surface, at times I also see foams and layers of oil flowing, especially when there current is strong,” he said.

He claimed that factory operators in the nearby industrial area discharged dirty and smelly effluent from their premises directly into the drains which then flows into the river.

“A variety of industrial solid waste such as scrap metal, rubber and plastic containers and vehicle lubricating fluid are often seen in the drains,” he said.

A housewife from Kampung Batang Benar, Rosliwati Bharudin, said she stopped her children from playing near the river located behind her house because the water has turned murky.

Lately there is a stench emanating from the river …and the surface is full of discarded trash,” she said.

On Oct 23, Sungai Semenyih WTP was closed for the fourth time in the last two months as a result of contamination, following pollution at Sungai Semenyih allegedly due to industrial wastes from Nilai.

The plant closure on Sept 22, 23, 24 and Oct 4 resulted in temporary water disruption at several areas in Hulu Langat, Kuala Langat, Sepang and Petaling districts.

Water contamination also led to the temporary closure of Langat and Cheras WTP on Oct 8, after odour pollution was detected in raw water supply from Sungai Semantan in Pahang. — Bernama

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