Frustrations mount as water well testing continues

Residents are pushing officials for answers in the ever-widening water contamination testing issue in the Grayling area.
Hundreds of people packed into the cafeteria at the Grayling High School on Monday, Nov. 27, to listen to a panel of local, state, and federal officials give an update on studies linked to tainted residential water wells near Grayling.
Water samples taken at the Grayling Army Airfield, where the foam was used for training purposes, tested positive for the chemicals in the fall of 2016.
Of 500 residential wells tested, 10 have had detects above 70 parts per trillion in Grayling Charter Township.
One residential water well within the City of Grayling has tested above the 70 parts per trillion health advisory.
Residential water wells around Lake Margrethe will be tested for the compounds.
Lemming, however, said she believes that the foam coming up to the surface of the lake is tied to contaminated residential water wells.
“We could remove that foam, but it’s still going to keep coming back as long as that source is there,” she said.
It’s a tough question.
If any resident has additional questions regarding this issue, the State of Michigan Environmental Assistance Center can be contacted at 800-662-9278, or emailed at

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