Garden Walk celebrates 15 years of ecology

Garden Walk celebrates 15 years of ecology.
"It’s basically like a trickle-down effect," she said.
Each walk features about five yards — this year’s has exactly five — that demonstrate sustainable, environmentally-friendly gardening techniques the EAC promotes year-round through its Yard Smart program and website.
"I’m saying, ‘I’m trying really hard to reduce the amount of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals I use on my lawn, to save water, to include native species.
I’m trying really hard to make my yard a place that’s safe for people, for animals," Armstrong said of some techniques considered for certifications.
She said it takes only three to four hours per week, about half an hour per day, to keep it up and running, depending on the season.
"I can’t raise enough food for my family, and I don’t have time to, so this is the perfect balance," she said.
"I can go out and pick a handful of berries or scoop up a handful of herbs and cook with those, but it’s more a habitat for animals."
"It’s supportive and informative for anybody who’s trying to do something like this," she said.
"She is going to come talk to us about local water quality and quantity issues … and things homeowners can do," Armstrong said.

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