Ghor residents in trouble after water wells dry up

(MENAFN – Pajhwok Afghan News) FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Grappling with an acute shortage of drinking water, the residents of western Ghor province have urged the government to relieve them from walking long distances to fetch water home after most of the wells in their localities dried up.
Three main rivers of the country, Hariroud, Murghab and Farahroud flow through Ghor province, but still its residents lack drinking water, according to the residents, who claim most of the wells in Ferozkhoh, the provincial capital, had dried up.
Hussai, another resident, said they had shared the water scarcity problem with local officials but to no avail.
We shared the issue with local representatives but they did not pay attention,€ he said.
Meanwhile, Provincial Council (PC) members termed the water shortage as a huge issue and added the supply of drinking water to every home was the people€™s prime demand.
PC head Fazal Haq Ihsan said he had often highlighted the water scarcity issue during his trips to Kabul with the Energy and Water Ministry.
Governor Ghulam Nasir Khasi said due to the lack of energy, electricity and water resources, the local administration had been unable to address the water shortage issue.
He said thousands of families in Ferozkhoh had been facing the shortage of water and they had been trying to resolve the issue.
Mohammad Amin Wakeel, head of the Hariroud River Administration, said in the past officials of the Energy and Water Ministry had strived to build a water supply system for Ferozkoh but some powerful individuals did not allow the project.
He said only two percent of people in Ghor had access to clean drinking water.

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