Golden’s landfill may not be to blame for water contamination

The issue with debris leaving the landfill site and ending up on Andrea Weissenborn’s property has been ongoing for years, and the CSRD has made an agreement to enter her property to clean up the waste on a regular basis.
CSRD workers had been visiting the Weissenborn property a couple of times a week to clean up the litter that ended up outside of the landfill, which Weissenborn believes is mostly carried there by ravens.
“In the past, we have been open to them cleaning it up, but it has never been satisfactory,” Weissenborn said.
“In the past, we thought that was just part of living next to a landfill.” Between June and October 2018, the CSRD collected more than 200 bags of litter from the Weissenborn property, weighing nearly 1,000 kg.
Over the next year, the CSRD plans to continue site improvements at the Golden Landfill, including completing the litter netting, which should help prevent litter from exiting the property, and they hope to continue discussions with the neighbouring property owner regarding increased buffer area acquisition.
Weissenborn also voiced concerns about water contamination in Town of Golden wells, but the CSRD’s hydrogeologist with Western Water Bryer Manwell, says the numbers aren’t out of the ordinary, and it would be difficult to tell if any contaminants came directly from the landfill.
“There is likely another source.” Manwell hopes to complete the well at the southwest of the property, and is recommending to drill another well in the valley bottom, somewhere between the landfill and the Town wells, but not too close to a roadway.
Westbound on the Trans-Canada Highway, and accident has snarled traffic coming into town at Golden View Road, at the Golden Upper Donald overpass, prompting emergency response.
Winter driving is in full effect, and drivers are expected to have winter-rated tires on all vehicles from October 1 to March 31.
Snowfall in Golden is expected to continue over the next three days, and sunny weather is expected on Saturday.

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