Goolwa community raises money for the farmers suffering from drought

On Tuesday, November 20, Goolwa resident Dianne Campbell presented a cheque for $749 to the SA Country Women’s Association, which will in turn go to the emergency aid fund to benefit farmers experiencing severe drought.
SA Country Women’s Association Group president and life member Melva Miles said the funds will get distributed at no cost to the people that need it.
“This is going to the right place and I would like to commend Dianne for starting this and raising $749,” Melva said.
The $749 was raised at the Wharf Barrel Shed, the Goolwa Markets and the wider community.
The fundraising was the initiative of Dianne Campbell and Chris from the Wharf Barrel Shed in Goolwa to support the country’s farmers.
“It does not much matter how much people raise, it all counts.
I will hand deliver the cheque myself and I am sure it is a boost to the fundraising effort and to the farmers,” Melva added.
Dianne thanked the community and the people of Goolwa for their support.
“We have raised some funds to help the struggling farmers and I thank the community for their support and in particular Chris from the Wharf Barrel Shed.
The money is in good hands with the CWA,” Dianne said.

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