Govt to conduct study on city’s pollution level

Govt to conduct study on city’s pollution level.
PATNA: Bihar State Disaster Management Authority (BSDMA) will soon conduct a study on air, soil, water and noise pollution in Patna in order to find solutions for improving the overall environment in the state capital.
The study will also include preparation of pollution-based mapping of different areas.
Sources said the inception report on the study is targeted to be readied by June-end.
"Patna has lately emerged as one of the most polluted cities in the country, primarily with regard to air pollution.
Since no in-depth climate related vulnerability and risk analysis currently exists for the state, it is felt pertinent that such an in-depth vulnerability and risk analyses should be carried out.
Senior BSDMA officials said Patna has been adjudged as third most polluted state capital in India.
Preliminary assessment of BSDMA suggests that the overall environmental condition in Patna has deteriorated due to a situation driven by population growth, unplanned development, migration, industrialisation and increased improper vehicle traffic moderation, depletion of green covers and increased construction activities.
Patna is apparently quite a noisy city too.
According to recent estimates, Patna generates 290 million litres of waste water on daily basis.

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