Greensboro says limited water service restored after contamination

GREENSBORO — Limited water service has been restored for the more than 30 business and residential customers affected Wednesday when cleaning chemicals entered a city water line.
All samples collected from the main distribution line inside the impacted area in the 2600 block of Phoenix Drive came back clear, the city said today in a news release.
More sampling is being conducted with results expected to be available Friday night, according to the release.
Officials said customers can continue to use the water for non-potable uses such as bathing and washing clothes.
If the second round of tests come up clear, full water service usage can resume.
Mike Borchers with the city’s water department said previously chemicals from a car wash flowed into a water line that was being repaired.
He said work crews noticed green, soapy water coming from a nearby water hydrant they were using to check the water line.
Borchers said the car wash has a well system that doesn’t have a backflow device to prevent the chemicals from getting off the premises.
The well system wasn’t supposed to be connected to the city line, he said.

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