Ground water contamination near Fairbanks impacts dozens of homes

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTUU) – Contaminants were found in the well water of dozens of homes and businesses bordering the Fairbanks International Airport.
The results for 33 of those samples have come back with 19 wells above the EPA’s lifetime health advisory level, and another seven showing some sign of contamination.
According to geologist Marcy Nadel, one of several people collecting well water samples with Shannon & Wilson Inc., the EPA’s lifetime health advisory level is 70 parts per trillion.
"PFAS are a category of chemicals that are considered emerging contaminants," said Nadel.
of Health has reviewed – is based on animal studies.
It’s a parts per trillion level, where other contaminants will have parts per billion levels that are considered a safety threshold."
As a result of the positive tests, Fairbanks airport officials say they started scoping a construction project to connect residents with contaminated wells to clean water.
"In the short term, we’re offering everyone in the testing area water through Vision Construction, and they can have that water through the duration of the project," said Angie Spear, divisions operations manager of Fairbanks International Airport.
"The phase two will be construction and getting people hooked up to a permanent water source."
Earlier this month, the Fairbanks International Airport discovered water contamination in four of six wells tested on airport property.

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