Groundwater contamination spurs $139,000 increase to east side water main project

Groundwater contamination spurs $139,000 increase to east side water main project.
GOSHEN — Goshen Board of Public Works and Safety members Monday approved a $139,000 contract increase with HRP Construction needed to remedy groundwater contamination concerns related to a water main replacement project along Monroe Street on the city’s east side.
According to Sailor, the Monroe Street portion of the project, which got started in early March, needed some significant modification due to recent word from Goshen Brownfield Coordinator Becky Hershberger that groundwater contamination from the former Johnson Controls industrial site, 1302 E. Monroe St., had been found in the path of the Monroe Street portion of the project.
Sailor said the contamination was in the form of trichloroethylene (TCE), which can migrate through the traditional gaskets and plastic piping the city normally uses for such water main projects.
During Monday’s meeting, Sailor informed the board that HRP Construction has completed installation of the upgraded Viton gaskets and copper piping, with the total cost of the upgrade coming to $139,281.
However, Sailor noted that his office has been in contact with Johnson Controls about the contamination issue, and the company has agreed to reimburse the city for the increased project cost.
So we’re just asking for this to be approved by the board so that we can pay the contractor.” The request was approved unanimously.
Johnson Controls operated the plant at 1302 E. Monroe St. from 1937 to 2007.
The suit alleges Tocon has not remediated the pollution.
• Approved temporary closure of the Cottage Avenue railroad crossing from May 22 through May 25 to allow for continued work on the city’s Logan Street, Monroe Street and Cottage Avenue water main replacement project.

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