GUEST OPINION: Plant board serious about quality tap water

Frankfort Plant Board Most of us are familiar with the phrase — “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” While the context may vary, it is still a great question.
It is a vital component of a healthy life.
Yet, for bottled water, we spend more per gallon than we would on gasoline for something we can get from the tap for nearly free.
So, the question remains — Why spend a dollar on a 20-ounce bottle of water when the Frankfort Plant Board provides tap water for less than one cent per gallon?
Some may say, “I want to make sure my water is safe and free of contaminants.” But did you know the EPA regulates the filtration and disinfection methods of all tap water while the FDA offers no certain guidelines when overseeing such procedures of bottled water?
The water treatment processes are highly regulated and must comply with the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, which regulates more than 90 different chemicals and bacteria to assure that your water is safe to drink.
Bottled water companies are not required to provide this information.
More plastic means more oil — up to 47 million gallons per year — to produce.
We’ll also provide refillable water bottles so you can take the tap with you.
So remember, when you have a choice between bottled water and tap water, drinking from the tap is much better for the planet and your wallet.

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