H2O backs clean water project in Nepal

This year, we are once again supporting the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua with a Christmas donation.
The organisation builds and maintains water supply systems, enabling a constant supply of water, particularly to schools, public spaces and health centres.
This time, we’re sending the donation to the Chitwan region in Nepal.
This predominantly rural region is located southwest of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
Although the majority of the population in Nepal has secure access to drinking water, the conditions surrounding access to basic sanitation still pose a challenge.
Viva con Agua is actively promoting the need to maintain and continuously improve the existing water supply system.
True to its motto ‘ALL FOR WATER – WATER FOR ALL’, the Viva con Agua team is tirelessly working towards its goal of ensuring that everyone has access to clean drinking water.
Now more than ever, such aid is especially important for Nepal, a country that has been increasingly plagued by one natural disaster after the other in recent years.
After an earthquake in 2015 and the devastating floods this year, the overall situation demands a great deal of commitment from all those who wish to help.
With our donation, we will help Viva con Agua to realise and promote access to clean water and plumbing as well as hygiene education and awareness in schools.

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