Heading to the American River this week? Here’s where E. coli levels are high

Planning to visit the lower American River this holiday weekend?
But they urged using "common sense" precautions because certain stretches of the waterway are contaminated with potentially harmful levels of E. coli bacteria.
Laputz recommended that visitors check the latest E. coli levels on an online map, or by following CA Water Boards on Twitter.
County health officials said they are unaware of any cases of illnesses related to the water’s contamination, but said visitors should be cautious.
The health risk in the American is "no different than in any public waterway," she said.
Laputz said the board’s research of contaminants along the river is in its early stages and has yet to pinpoint the sources of contamination.
"We’ve not identified a trend at this point," Laputz said.. Related stories from Sacramento Bee E. coli outbreak update: It might be safe to buy and eat romaine lettuce again Why raw milk is dangerous and needs to be regulated Warning: Those lipstick samples could be loaded with poop, investigation finds DNA studies and other research will help determine the sources and risks of the E. coli, he said.
The results will help county health officials better gauge the level or risk for people who use the river for recreational activities.
It also will help authorities figure out ways to reduce bacteria levels in the waterway, said Laputz.
Until then, "people need to pay attention to safe habits," including showering after spending time in the river and picking up after pets.

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