Health concerns over drinking bottled water left in hot cars addressed

Does drinking a bottled water left in a car cause health problems?
Crow made headlines when she went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and claimed that her breast cancer was caused by drinking water from a plastic bottle she’d left in her car.
However, doctors say that’s not the case.
“I don’t know how she would get it in a large enough amount to cause breast cancer,” said Dr. Kidd from AFC PriMed Urgent/Family Care in EastChase.
The toxins can be harmful if the Bisphenol A. used to make certain plastics leaks.
“If that BPA leaked into your water, which may have a higher likelihood if it’s in a hot car, then it could cause problems,” said Kidd.
She said that the threat of any health problems from drinking a bottled water you found in your car is minimal.
However, the Food and Drug Administration said that BPA is safe at low levels, like in plastic water bottles.
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