Heat check: If your urine is this color, experts say you may be in trouble

Heat check: If your urine is this color, experts say you may be in trouble.
With the temperature predicted to reach 109 degrees Thursday, there’s a way to know if you are drinking enough water: Check your urine color.
That’s the word from the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
Sacramento County OES posted a chart on Facebook titled “Are you hydrated?” The chart shows urine colors of a hydrated person compared to someone who is dehydrated.
“Urine color is a practical and viable marker of hydration in most people,” said Dr. David S. Yee, a urologist and urologic oncologist with Sutter Roseville Medical Center.
As a person sweats, the body loses water and electrolytes, according to the CDC.
Drinking water and replenishing electrolytes is needed to keep the body functioning.
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