Heavy rainfall results in boil water advisory

originally posted on January 16, 2017


RESIDENTS in the Cardwell region and the areas of Jarra Creek, Rockingham and Tully-Hull Heads are advised to continue boiling drinking water until further notice.

A boil water advisory notice has been lifted for residents from Tully to Silkwood, but several communities are still affected.

They include Cardwell, Kennedy, Ellerbeck, Rockingham, Tully Heads, Hull Heads, Lower Tully and Jarra Creek.

Residents and businesses are advised to bring their water to the boil for use in the following activities: drinking; brushing teeth; washing or preparing food that is not going to be cooked; preparing baby formula; making ice.

The boil water advisory notice follows heavy rainfall, flooding and high turbidity levels.

Water supply disinfection systems are less effective with high turbidity.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is monitoring the water supply and conducting regular tests.

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