Here’s How To Make Money From The Clothes You Never Wear

Here’s How To Make Money From The Clothes You Never Wear.
Ladies, I hope you all have two hands up.
For most of you, this paradox is all too familiar.
You’re acutely aware of the devastating effect it has on your wallet—and storage problems—but do you ever stop to consider what it’s doing to the environment?
But did you know fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world and the second largest consumer of water?
To put it in perspective, it takes 20,000L of water to make 1kg of cotton and 1kg of cotton will make one t-shirt and jeans.
Launched earlier this year, The Volte is an online apparel rental that introduces the shared economy to the fashion industry.
While designer dress rental is nothing new, The Volte is different.
Rather than renting from a business, The Volte creates a platform for users to both rent and lease their garments.
Sellers can make cash from their rentals and buyers can save cash by renting the garment for a fraction of the cost.

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