Hoosick Falls meeting addressing ‘shocking’ new report on contaminated water

Hoosick Falls meeting addressing ‘shocking’ new report on contaminated water.
HOOSICK FALLS – The mayor of Hoosick Falls is addressing a new report Monday evening showing what he says are shocking levels of PFOA in the village.
Also under discussion is an investigation that involves testing of potential Superfund sites there.
This will help the Department of Environmental Conservation determine if any of these sites will officially be designated as Superfund sites.
If that happens, those sites would be considered for cleanup, because of the risk the contamination poses to the public.
Saint-Gobain and Honeywell International are blamed for the PFOA contamination in the Hoosick Falls drinking water.
The companies are performing tests at four sites under a consent order and the DEC is overseeing the testing.
The EPA’s recommendation is that drinking water contain less than 70 parts per trillion of the cancer-causing contaminant.
The DEC says this testing will help them hold those responsible for the contamination accountable.
The second hour will be in the high school gym where members of the community can ask questions of state officials as well as representatives from Saint-Gobain and Honeywell.

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