Horror of untouchability: Water in well used by Dalits poisoned with endosulfan in K’taka village

A man from an upper caste, Gollalappagouda had allegedly threatened to kill Dalits in the village multiple times In this village in Karnataka not only is untouchability a reality for Dalits, but they also live under the fear of death.
In Kalaburgi district’s Channur village, a member of an upper caste community allegedly poured endosulfan into the village well to stop Dalits from drinking water, according to a report by the Times of India.
The wells inside the village are used by members of the upper caste.
The farm land near the well which is used by Dalits is owned by a member of the Dalit community, but was leased to a man belonging to an upper caste four years ago.
A pumpset has been fixed to the well to draw water and it supplies water to the Dalits’ Colony.
Tired of being ill-treated by the members of the upper caste, a few members of the Dalit community informed the police of the incident.
Despite the situation, the members of the upper castes in the village, refused to allow the Dalits near the seven other wells, the DSP said.
A case of attempted murder has been filed against Gollappagouda and he has also been booked under section 3 of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, after a complaint was registered at the Jewargi police station.
“Villagers alleged that Gollalappagouda would throw dead dogs, cats and snakes into the well to prevent Dalits from drawing water.
But Dalits would clean the well and use the water,” the DSP added.

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