Housing complex goes without water, help for more than one day

The residents of the Prospect Terrace housing complex haven’t had water in more than 24 hours.
“Nobody sent us no notices.
Nothing,” said Toni Manns, a resident of Prospect Terrace.
Manns has been without water for more than a day and has no idea when she’ll get it back.
“The girl upstairs, she got three kids.
Her kids couldn’t go to school today,” Manns said.
We went upstairs with Manns to meet her neighbor with four children who’ve been struggling without water too.
The office of the mayor of East Pittsburgh told Channel 11 the problem " stems from a New Year’s Eve water main break in Turtle Creek that feeds into that complex, and the frigid temperatures have hampered efforts to repair the break.
There is no word on how long it might take."
Manns said her neighborhood needs a water buffalo or cases of bottled water.

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