How can we reduce water consumption in different industries?

Because of water shortage, food industry is also unable to produce enough food.
In this situation, it is very important for those people who are getting water more than their requirement to do their best to save water.
There are many industries, which are using a great amount of water, such as gas and oil industry, food industry and electricity plants.
These industries do not just consume water; they also waste a big amount of water on daily basis.
There was a time when the world has many small and big natural resources of water but because of changes in climate, many of those resources have lost their water or the amount of water in those resources has decreased.
The world need to take immediate steps to reduced the use of water in industries.
Oil and gas industries have taken an initiative in reducing their requirement of water.
It is also important for people to make sure that they are not wasting any water anywhere.
There should also be programs to inform people about the increasing water scarcity and how they should save the water.
It is very important to start special awareness programs about the importance of water, not just big industries but in all the industries, whether they are small or big, because there are very limited industries, which do not require water.

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