How Do Our Diets Affect Our Water?

A person with a vegan diet saves approximately 219,000 gallons of water per year.
The average consumer in the United States requires over two and a half acres of agricultural land for diet sustenance.
Vegetarian diets require less than half an acre of land per person each year.
Livestock in the United States alone produce more excrement than five and a half times the world’s human population.
When it rains, or when these plant crops are over-watered, the sprayed manure runs off into streams and rivers, or enters the groundwater.
Streams and rivers suffer greatly from animal agriculture.
The leading cause is animal agriculture.
The removal of trees and shade along the banks of water causes water temperatures to rise, making it impossible for many fish to survive.
We can reduce pollution from animal agriculture by reducing the demand for animal products.
The fewer animal products we eat, the less livestock is needed, and the less manure-related pollution leaches into our water sources, our atmosphere, and our plant food.

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