How does thermal pollution influence water quality?

How does thermal pollution influence water quality?.
Organisms survive or thrive in a narrow band of temperatures.
As we are concerned about entire food chains, a more sensitive organism that fails may cause depletion of other organisms that had depended on it.
The solubility of oxygen in water decreases as temperature rises.
Again, organisms each have their individual optimum and tolerance for oxygen in their habitat.
A change in temperature can allow a change in the distribution of types of organisms, and as has frequently happened, an introduced species can suddenly thrive and overwhelm others.
We piped warm fresh water from our industry to a nearby salmon and steelhead hatchery.
The energy was used to heat separate supply streams so that the hatched eggs would grow faster and bigger.
The salmon fry, when released were 2 to 5 times bigger than their depleted wild cousins, and survived their epic life cycle to the ocean and back at a substantially higher rate.
Good fishing!

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