How is GenX getting into the Cape Fear River?

How is GenX getting into the Cape Fear River?.
Chemours did not provide answers to questions submitted last week and Monday seeking clarification on those processes — including whether they involve the making, use or discharge of GenX.
The company would not say whether it knew how GenX was making its way into the river.
In one document, the company described a manufacturing operation that “produces a polymer processing aid.
No process wastewater from this manufacturing facility is discharged to the Chemours’ wastewater treatment plant or to the Cape Fear River.” DEQ officials said in a recent interview said this wastewater is transported “for incineration in Arkansas or possibly Ohio.” Nothing examined by the StarNews indicates any leaks of GenX have occurred, but Knappe asked: “Is the wastewater completely captured?
Wastewater from that process is discharged into the Cape Fear, according to the Chemours document.
Again, Chemours provided no answers to questions about this operation, including whether it results in GenX as a byproduct.
Chemours makes GenX under the terms of a consent order issued in 2009 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The consent order includes stipulations under which Chemours is to manufacture GenX, including a number governing its release into the environment.
Under the terms of the Consent Order, for operations in the United States, DuPont is required to recover and capture (destroy) or recycle the chemical from all the process wastewater effluent streams and air emissions … at an overall efficiency rate of 99% (i.e., 99% of the chemical can’t be released into the environment).” It is unclear from the consent order how that “efficiency rate” is monitored and quantified.

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