How Last Year’s Drought Links To This Year’s Flooding

How Last Year’s Drought Links To This Year’s Flooding.
"We’re just seeing a much more variable climate now and I think we’ll continue to have that.
Measurements at the Watertown International Airport show close to 4 times the amount of rain this April, compared to last year.
Speaking in Depauville, Dr. Walter explained what he’s found out while studying last year’s drought.
He says it was actually worse in Jefferson County than reported.
By collecting information from independent people in the county, he compiled what he says is a closer depiction of how bad it really was.
Now he says the water table is back to normal, if not higher than normal, and we won’t see any lasting effects from the drought.
I think we’re in pretty good shape going into the summer," he said.
Dr. Walter says he’d like to get even more accurate information, but to do that he needs more samples.
So he’s asking anyone who keeps track of water levels on their own to send those to him through email.

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