Hundreds of Thousands of Somalis Displaced by Drought, Conflict

Poor camp conditions He also said that the newly displaced people have put heavy pressure on existing camps.
“These camps are, by and large, not very well managed.
The displaced people are not living in healthy conditions, and are forced to drink unclean water.
An El Niño is an irregular weather event usually resulting in warmer-than-average temperatures in some places around the world.
Waite said about 6.7 million people in Somalia are either suffering or near suffering from a food crisis.
Managing and preparing for drought According to Waite, the International Organization for Migration has learned from Somalia’s drought in 2011.
There are projects meant to prepare Somalia for droughts, however.
Phil Dierking adapted her report for Learning English.
________________________________________________________________ Words in This Story drought – n. a long period of time during which there is very little or no rain​ contaminated – adj.
not having enough space inside​ cyclical – adj.

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