Hyderabad not most liveable city for Bholakpur residents

Hyderabad not most liveable city for Bholakpur residents.
Residents of the ward are forced to live in unhygienic and subhuman conditions.
533 tanneries in the ward Another major cause of concern is that there are many tanneries where skin of slaughtered goats, sheep and cattle is brought from various parts of the city, mainly Kamela near Amberpet.
Discarded parts like intestines and animal bones are also brought here.
As per government figures there are 533 units in total dealing with animal skin, platiscs, scrap and iron and steel.
Left over chemicals emptied into drains Many in the area also sell used plastic drums from chemical industries.
On top of this, the roads here are all damaged and the potholes with sewage water from overflowing drains or rain water become breeding grounds for pathogens.
While these illegal units provide employment to many people, lack of any regard to safety and hygiene poses serious threat of occupational hazards to the workers and also results in air and water pollution.
These illegal units which openly function have been thriving due to lack of any action by officials government authorities like GHMC and Telangana State Pollution Control Board and also allegedly due to support of politicians.
It may be recalled State Human Rights Commission had earlier directed authorities to shift polluting units out of Bholakpur after some people approached SHRC on the issue.

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