IDEM to start distributing water filters

IDEM to start distributing water filters.
The Indiana Department of Environmental Management will begin distributing water filters to residents living at East Chicago’s U.S.S.
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As the IDEM prepares to start distributing water filters to Calumet residents, a number of community groups have stepped in to ensure people living at the U.S.S.
Lead Superfund site have access to safe drinking water.
Elizabeth Gingerich, a professor at Valparaiso University, worked with Project Neighbors to raise money and collect water filters for residents of the Superfund site.
The state’s plan will distribute filters to residents in the Superfund site, but a request made to the Environmental Protection Agency will provide water and filters to all East Chicago residents.
Lead Superfund site, a collective of advocacy groups wants the EPA to supply residents with water filters or bottled water to avert potential health risks to residents.
As the EPA halted remediation efforts throughout the Superfund site in December, the agency found that 18 of the 43 homes where the water was tested exceeded 15 parts per billion of lead – the EPA’s threshold for water safety.
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