If businesses write the rules we’ll all be less safe (Editorial)

If businesses write the rules we’ll all be less safe (Editorial).
Running a successful business would be a whole lot easier if it weren’t for all those annoying federal rules and regulations.
This, effectively, is what businesses told the White House when they were asked what the federal government could do to help make their lives easier.
But before cheering their suggestions – and damning the burdensome feds – it makes sense to consider the source.
Better yet, some might say, just get rid of them completely.
And so it is with many of the suggestions from businesses and groups promoting them.
Like the imagined impatient drivers, they want fewer rules and regulations.
This is not to suggest that there aren’t some needlessly burdensome federal rules and regulations.
There are so many departments and agencies, so many sets of rules, that getting even a fairly simple project off the ground can seem daunting.
Among the suggestions put forward by businesses and their associated groups: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t believe that our nation’s businesses should be required to submit injury and illness reports to the Labor Department electronically, enabling them to be put "on the internet for anyone to see."

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