If you’re doing these things, you’re polluting Galveston Bay

If you’re doing these things, you’re polluting Galveston Bay.
When you mop your floor, do you dump the bucket outside in your yard?
If you do, you are likely harming Galveston Bay.
The Galveston Bay Foundation wants the general public to think about the ways pollution gets into Houston’s waterways, and take steps to prevent the contamination.
If you see pollution in your neighborhood, the GBF’s Galveston Bay Action Network now offers an easy way to report it, via a new smartphone app that immediately sends reports to the correct authority, depending on the type of pollution.
There’s also a browser-based reporting tool that has been live for several years.
But what should you report?
Water pollution can come from trash and debris, sediment runoff from poorly maintained construction sites, overflowing sewers or even pet waste.
Sarah Gossett, water quality volunteer coordinator for the Galveston Bay Foundation, recommends that members of the public include a call back number when reporting pollution.
Often, authorities will call the reporting person back after an investigation is complete.

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