Illegal transportation of minerals on Narmada river banks under scrutiny

Illegal transportation of minerals on Narmada river banks under scrutiny.
Any kind of illegal transportation of minerals on Narmada banks will be strictly scrutinized by authorities .Along with Narsinghpur , in others districts as well struck checking is under process so as to check sand depletion and curb Narmada river pollution .
It was submitted that in a good number of cases the name of the owners of the vehicles involved in the transport of the illegally mined materials are missing as being unverifiable and, in the case of many others even the registration numbers could not be identified.
It was also directed that District Collector / District Magistrate and Mining Officer present here not to release any of the vehicles apprehended by them which does not have registration number or the owner of which is not identifiable.
Such matters be reported to the Motor Vehicles Department and necessary action taken to identify the owner.
It was also directed that such vehicles be confiscated and if none responds to such confiscation, the vehicle be put on auction sale and proceeds be deposited for restoration of the environment.
The same action will be applicable in all those cases where there is repetition of offences.
In order to tackle the menace effectively, the District Magistrate will involve the SP, the Mining Officer, the concerned Divisional Forest Officer, the competent officers of the Motor Vehicle Department and MPPCB ( Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board)whenever information of such illegal activity is received.
With regards to Narmada river pollution many measures have already been taken to check water pollution levels which also includes that during culmination ceremony of Narmada Seva Yatra on May 15 as it is not a religious occasion and no-one would be allowed to take a holy dip in Narmada river at its origin in Amarkantak at Anuppur district.The district administration officials to “monitor the quality of water on regular interval at different identified points.

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