Impact Of Pollution On Cancer

There are many types of environmental pollution and some of them cause cancer.
Cancer is spread through any of the media of pollution namely through water pollution, air pollution and land pollution.
Through land pollution cancer is spread by exposure of human beings to pesticides, radioactive materials and heavy metals.
Under land pollution, the exposure of human beings to wastes like heavy metals, pesticides used in agricultural activities leads to the spread of cancer.
The use of domestic fuels for cooking causes lung cancer.
Another cause where the development of lung cancer due to indoor pollution arises is where liquefied petroleum gas is used for cooking.
Lung cancer has been common to women who get exposed to smoke from liquefied when cooking.
Burning of volatile substances especially when cooking leads to the spread of cancer to human beings.
Using of hydrocarbons in indoors can also lead to the spread of lung cancer.
Ground water pollution and ocean pollution also fall under water pollution; Cancer can arise through water pollution.

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