In the land of 6,000 rivers, a contamination crisis: Nepal’s water nightmare

The water is contaminated with the E Coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria but she still uses it to wash and cook food for her children.
The government, however, can only meet 20 per cent of that demand, especially during the dry season, reported The Himalayan Times.
People have resorted to buying water from private water sellers who get their supplies from the water factories or rivers.
But most of the water supplies in Kathmandu are contaminated.
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took for testing, the water from the well was the most contaminated as it was located next to a severely polluted river.
Some 6,000 rivers flow through Nepal but none of those in the Kathmandu Valley are clean.
“As a result, the sewage leaked through the water pipes and got mixed with stone taps.
“There is no water in Kathmandu that you can drink directly because most of the water supply in Kathmandu is very contaminated," he said.
“The piped (treated) water supply may get contaminated during transmission.

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