Interactive map: How bad is Central Florida’s drought?

Interactive map: How bad is Central Florida’s drought?.
ORLANDO, Fla. – The drought continues to worsen across Florida.
Orlando has a 10 inch rain deficit since October 2016.
"Seems as if after Hurricane Matthew, the rain just shut off," said certified meteorologist Brian Shields.
Much of Central Florida is under a moderate drought On March 21, much of Central Florida was under a abnormal or moderate drought.
Scroll for interactive map The most active months for wildfires are May and June Wildfire season in Florida goes year-round, but the most active months are May and June.
Fire activity increases, because this is when the temperatures start warming up quicker and also is toward the end of the dry season.
We will continue to monitor wildfire activity across Central Florida and will bring you the latest on Eyewitness News This morning starting at 5 a.m. and also during our afternoon and evening newscast starting at 4 p.m.
Check out the interactive map below for a close comparison of the drought conditions between March and April.
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