Is the EPA shutting down its Chicago office?

Dive Brief: Budget cuts at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could mean closure of the Chicago regional office, according to the Chicago Sun Times.
The office would be consolidated with operations in Kansas, the paper reported.
A second regional closure is reportedly planned, but so far the identity of that office remains under wraps.
Last month the Trump administration released a proposed budget called for reducing EPA funds by more than 30%, alongside a 6% cut at the Department of Energy.
However, EPA officials are now pushing back on the rumor, telling reporters "at this time, our discussions have not veered into the subject of an office closure."
According to energy reporter Mark Hand at Think Progress, the closure would impact the agency’s ability to monitor coal plants in the region and water pollution potentially impacting the Great Lakes.
About 1,000 jobs are at risk, the site reported.
According to Politico, the reporting may be premature—or incorrect.
Anyone stating anything to the contrary is spreading false information,” according to Robert Kaplan, acting regional administrator.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to travel in the region this week, Kaplan added.

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