Isle of Man Examiner: May 23, 2017

I went to Douglas Head and had to wheel up the road to get on the pavement as the only drop kerb is right at the top of the road by the turning circle.
Paul Sullivan Braddan It is exactly 12 months since I wrote a letter to the Isle of Man Examiner expressing my disgust at the shameful increase in the ‘standing charge’ on my gas bill.
Up until I decided to write the letter (April 28, 2016) my standing charge for an average two monthly (60 days) gas bill has been in the region of £9.
The then increase to the standing charge by Manx Gas brought this figure up to a staggering £60, and I said at the time that the government – Office of Fair Trading – should hand their heads in shame in agreeing for this so happen.
Examine the back of the bill and see the actual gas consumed as opposed to the standing charge.
He explained that the licence to dump had been issued by the Cabinet Office and said that he would arrange for the documentation including a map of the dump site to be sent to me.
I replied to the Cabinet Office and queried why the licence had been issued by the Cabinet Office.
As a result, the powers to issue a licence where the DoI or one of its contractors are the applicant for a licence have now been vested in the Cabinet Office through the Transfer of Functions (part two of the Water Pollution Act 1993) order 2017.
I replied and said: ‘I cannot find anything in the Act which refers to an application by one of the departments contractors for a licence being referred to the Cabinet Office.
Importantly, however, close examination of the map showing the dump site reveals that the dump site is not as Mr Boot suggested to me off the scallop shell dump where I had observed the dredger dumping its load.

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