Israeli start-up extracting water from air, around the world

Israeli start-up extracting water from air, around the world.
“We created a product that can really be the next source of drinking water,” Maxim Pasik, executive chairman of Rishon Lezion-based Water Gen, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.
“[And] what they drink is not healthy.” In India, the memorandum inked between Water Gen and Vikram Solar enables the latter to manufacture and distribute the Israeli company’s products, incorporating solar power to fuel the water generation process in remote locations.
If you have bad pipes it doesn’t matter how much good water you put in the pipes.” The GENius technology works on-demand by trapping the humid air inside the device, then cleaning and drying the air and extracting the now clean water, Pasik said.
“People cannot live without water.” Pasik said that in the future, technologies like Water Gen’s devices will have the capacity to prevent wars and foster peace, in regions where people are fighting for access to clean water.
“It’s very important that this kind of solution comes from Israel,” he said.
“This is kiddush Hashem [sanctification of God’s name] and tikkun olam [repairing the world].” As an investor in sustainable technology solutions, Pasik also serves as executive chairman at a variety of other Israeli and international companies, including the Ramot Hashavim-based Vertical Field and partner Green Wall Israel, which focus on building natural gardens on vertical surfaces.
“The biggest problem in the world is drinking water and the second is pollution,” he said, “We don’t have a place in the city to put trees.” A 1,000-meter vertical field is equivalent to 50 trees, each 15 meters tall, which would take many years to grow, Pasik explained.
While Vertical Field and Green Wall can provide critical solutions to dense urban communities plagued by air pollution, Pasik stressed that solving the world’s water scarcity problem is still his top priority.
“Two-thirds of the world has drinking-water problems,” Pasik said.

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