‘It’s killing our business’: Latest PWSA advisory takes a toll, could be lifted Tuesday

“It’s killing our business.
His practice is several blocks from the water main break that triggered the boil advisory.
While workers restored service Sunday in those neighborhoods, the immediate area at the break remained without water into Monday night.
Crews were working constantly to restart the system there, with all customers expected to have service by mid-morning Tuesday, PWSA said.
Authorities made water buffaloes available for people who couldn’t boil their water, and bottled water went to affected schools and hospitals.
“I think part of our caution is to give people further assurance that the water is safe to drink,” Mr. Weimar said.
He said he knew of no PWSA boil advisories — ever — before this year.
About 100,000 city residents were affected.
Mr. Gilman said similar system problems in past years had not led to boil warnings.
“But I think the most important thing is to be cautious.” Mayor Bill Peduto said he expects a panel’s recommendations by Dec. 31 for strengthening the water system.

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