Keep usables out of trash use the Choose to Resume website

Keep usable items out of the trash and obtain quality items without buying new with the Hennepin County Choose to Reuse site (
Choosing to reuse helps us live sustainably by reducing waste, saving natural resources, conserving energy, preventing pollution, and saving money.
The main feature of the Choose to Reuse site is a tool that directs you to the best reuse businesses for your needs.
This is where the Choose to Reuse website comes in to help.
The site can help you with common searches, such as where to buy quality used clothes near you.
Lastly, the site covers all 145 zip codes in Hennepin County, so you’ll be able to find information whether you live in Minneapolis or Independence.
There are benefits of reducing and reusing for our environment, in our communities and our homes.
The process of making new items uses natural resources and raw materials, which can harm the environment for future generations.
Reuse retailers provide residents the option to save money while still getting quality items, instead, of buying new items at a much higher price.
All of these are important reasons to check out the new Choose to Reuse website and start taking action to reuse today.

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