Keith Fuller: In times of drought, learn from the bonsai

Keith Fuller: In times of drought, learn from the bonsai.
It may be a good time to assess what areas of your lawn need grass and perhaps converting affected areas to landscaped beds, which require less water.
Planning on ways to conserve water now would be prudent.
If you are familiar with irrigation heads, those used to water grass put out many more gallons of water per hour than ones used in landscape beds.
These are ideal areas for planting drought-tolerant groundcovers.
Corners are areas where it is difficult to irrigate effectively.
If you do not want to modify your landscape but don’t want areas of brown grass, there may be another option to consider.
If you know we are in a drought, stop mowing your lawn.
The larger the top of the plant the greater its root system.
Once you understand this illustration, the light bulb may go off and you will realize that you should mow your lawn less often and let it grow taller during drought.

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