Kenner residents wait in line for free bottled water while under boil advisory

Dozens of Kenner residents lined Loyola Drive Friday to get free water.
Cars lined up bumper to bumper at Kenner City Park.
"It reminds me of the Hurricane Katrina when you had to stay in line and get free stuff," Amanda Root said as she waited in her car.
He was able to put all the water on there.
I think it left Houston at 4:00 yesterday, got here last night," Zahn said.
The mayor said the water pressure is back to normal, and should stay that way.
"As mayor, as a councilperson and chief of police are very happy that the pressure’s back because we had to deal with the worry of fires.
We had a fire last night, we had two the other night.
"Two days ago, we got down to just a trickle of water in the house.
It’s made it difficult to do normal things like cooking and just cleaning up around the house," Cameron said.

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