Kiwi farmers at Field Days tackling climate change

Kiwi farmers at Field Days tackling climate change.
It’s farming’s big day out.
But ‘cut back’ is the message being sent to Kiwi farmers at Waikato Field Days.
The Government has announced its plans to reduce Green House Gases, but environmentalists are slamming the plan.
They’ve told Newshub they’re upset it doesn’t contain many firm actions, but rather plans to talk.
Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said talking is the plan, and "they’ll host workshops and discussion groups with farmers over the next 18 months."
Greenpeace has slammed it as an excuse to continue doing nothing.
"If they were serious about tackling climate pollution and water pollution, they’d be committed to cut cow numbers now" a spokesperson told Newshub.
A Dairy New Zealand spokesperson said the key was realising what’s "practical and what is achievable right now, and hopefully understanding what we can do in the future with science and technology."

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