KMC to install water meters in households of Wards 1-6

KMC to install water meters in households of Wards 1-6.
The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will install water meters in every household in Wards 1 to 6 respectively in North Kolkata to assess wastage of drinking water.
The funding agencies like Asian Development Bank had suggested imposition of water tax in the city.
Banerjee said not only would water tax not be imposed but also stressed that supply of filtered water would be augmented.
Accordingly, the KMC took steps to augment water supply.
So, wastage of water will be stopped.
A senior civic official said that when roadside taps were there in the city, nearly 10 million gallon of filtered water was wasted daily.
After the abolition of roadside taps, the wastage has been reduced to a great extent.
Once the KMC has this figured, it will be easier to stop the wastage.
He said that in the next few years, there would be no water scarcity in the city including some pockets where there is a shortage for various reasons.

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