KSN Investigates: Groundwater contamination

HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – More than a year after groundwater contamination in Haysville forced hundreds of homes to hook up to city water, many residents still wonder if they’re safe.
But she has to know, if she too has cancer.
Susan Armstrong has had three unrelated cancers in eight years.
It wasn’t until 2017, six years later, that KDHE used new funding to test about 200 wells in Haysville and determined the plume of contamination actually traveled right toward them.
"Actually, there were only four properties where the contamination was above the EPA-allowed levels," said Jurgens.
Dr. Ablah says it’s unclear how much chemical exposure it takes to cause health problems.
Now, Kristie and Susan are vigilant about their health.
Armstrong just got the all-clear from her doctor that she is cancer-free.
KDHE plans to start cleaning up the contaminated water through a process called "air-stripping" by spring of next year.
"Right now, we are working on all but 22 of those, and those 22 are ones in the Kansas City area where groundwater is not used for drinking water purposes.They truly are your lower risk sites.

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